There are many types of backhoe loaders available in the market today but the most commonly known and widely acknowledged are Side Shift Backhoe and Center Mount Backhoe. Here in Backhoe Malaysia you can now have the chance to get and experience the capability of the two accordingly. First, you must know their basic information and differences.

Center Mount Backhoe
Center Mount Backhoe or commonly known as center pivot backhoes. From the world itself center pivot, it actually means the capability of the equipment stabilizers and other components to freely move around in the center with ease. These equipment are mounted at the center of the rear portion of the machine’s frame. The equipped stabilizers extend out and down from either side of the frame.

While the sideshift backhoes are mostly patronized by European contractors, center mounts are also preferred by North American contractors. This indicates that due to the large and wide spaces ideal work environment of many engineers and contractors in America, center-mount backhoes are put to good use.

But whatever the specification differences that these two types of backhoe loader, what matter is they are able to help the workforce and the human labor.  Fortunately, Backhoe Malaysia is able to provide and supply these types of backhoe loaders. The company is able to widely distribute and offer low rental packages and render quality service in all districts of Malaysia.

Should you need any of these two, gives us a call right away and we will arrange the delivery and the payment terms for you. Visit us now and book your rental package with us.

Sideshift Backhoe
Sideshift Backhoe is generally has been known in the European regions wherein a greater need for such equipment has been used in the country. Since sideshift backhoes originated in the region, European contractors prefer these design that allows them to maneuver and control the machine in tight spaces and area.

The design of this construction equipment consists of the backhoes kingpost being mounted on a carrier. This carrier is capable of sliding from one side to the other along frame rails with stabilizers, which are mounted on both sides and can extend vertically. This specific design enables European contractors to fully use sideshift backhoes ever since given their geographical status and their ability to work in an enclosed and small space.

Nevertheless, Sideshift Backhoes are just useful as other construction equipment and moreover, these machines are available now for rental packages only with Backhoe Malaysia. If you prefer using this type of backhoe loader, give us a call and we will be happy to book you. Call us today!