JCB is named after its founder Joseph Cyril Bamford and colloquially has been the term of many in referring to construction equipment. JCB gets a complication of its name when there is also JCB Company in Japan which is a credit card company. To fully exclude the issue JCB has been a trademark and is now recognized to be officially in line with equipment manufacturing.

JCB is a well-known brand in the US and the entire region in the West. JCB is the third largest distributor and manufacturer of construction equipment worldwide; thus making its name fully recognizable by many engineers and site men. Their expertise in manufacturing backhoes, breakers, front loaders, tractors, and long-arm backhoe units, makes them stay in the industry for a long time. Even so, they have explored the field of diesel, mobile phone making, and even military vehicles. JCB proves that continuous innovation will bring prosperity to the entirety of the company.

On the other side, due to the wide distribution department of the company, countries and regions outside the State are now capable to use such fine equipment. Backhoe Malaysia is an acknowledged supplier and provider of JCB construction equipment for rental packages. Affordable compared to buying original machines in the market.

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