Komatsu or Komatsu Ltd. is a proud Asian company that produces a top of line construction, mining, and military equipment for over 70 years in the industry. Born right in the crises of World War 2 and the reconstruction era of Japan, Komatsu played a big role in the construction industry. That’s why they are very well-known for constructing reliable and very efficient bulldozers.

Backhoes have been their number one product alongside with the other construction equipment they manufactured over the years. Komatsu ranked second next to Caterpillar as the world’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment and mining machinery. Going beyond the extent, Komatsu has grown wide and their power and ability of distribution have been too. They have distributed machines all over the Western region of the globe and even more so to its closest region in Asia.

Backhoe Malaysia just has the opportunity to distribute such fine and quality products right in the city and streets of Malaysia. For the undeniable growth of the country, many has been needing the efficiency of machinery, and Komatsu products are just the perfect solution to all of these.

If you are fond of and Komatsu is already a trusted brand for you then visit us right away and book your rental package with us. Komatsu equipment is at your disposal and ready to be delivered. Call or visit us now and get the chance to experience the power of Komatsu bulldozers in such an affordable rental package.