From a very humble beginning of two brothers in Minnesota, Bobcat Company has been born. Brother Cyril and Louis Kelly started their dreams when they helped a farmer to construct simple machinery enough to operate in a small area. With a few refinements and alterations to the machine, a simple Skid-Steer loader has been made. With the help of their uncle, the invention was exposed at an invention fair in Minnesota, and from there Bobcat has been materialized.

For over the years, Bobcat Company specializes in manufacturing their mainstream line of earthmoving equipment including backhoe units, long-arm backhoe equipment, breakers, breaker bakau units, and other hydraulic machines. The company is working right under the big Doosan Group of South Korea however, Bobcat is operating as a fully American company based in North Dakota. All operations and points of transactions happen and occur in North Dakota.

Distribution and widespread of the equipment are also taking their course from the main office. Partners across the globe are widely acknowledged and given the capability to render services in their perspective areas.

Backhoe Malaysia is one of the partner distributors of Bobcat and we are happy to say that you can have any equipment under the brand Bobcat in very affordable rental packages. You can personally visit our office or call our lines to inquire and ask more about the services we offered.