Before you can even see a flat, smooth surfaced of a road there’s a machine that works its magic on them and thanks to the invention of these machines we are able to crossed smoothen and flatten road surfaces. These machines are called road foller or road rollers in other terms.

They are built with metal drums instead of the usual tires we see on other heavy equipments. They are still have controls that men are assigned to maneuver. The essential part of a road foller is their metal drums. This part essentially do the magic, they automatically flatten areas when they pass through it. The entire weight of the machine becomes the power of compaction to the area, the result is compacted paved ways and roads.

If buying is a hard option to many businessmen especially those who are so strict in terms of expenses, Backhoe Malaysia serves also this kind of equipment. We are offering affordable rental packages with our road follers. What we have in store are used road follers but rest assured that they are quality, maintenance check and undergone various operations to check the status of its machine.

Backhoe Store Malaysia is known to provide only the best to its clients and additional to that service is a location delivery. Whenever you are located in the places of Klang Valley, Selangor, and Kuala Lumpur then we can reach you and your order will arrived safely to your specified area.

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