Digging, hoisting and dumping of fragmented rocks, sand, gravel and many others are the usual scene you can find in a construction site. These work can be done by men by force, extreme labor is required but thanks to modern technology and machineries like mining shovel are made.

Power shovels in other words are tasked to do the power digging of hard rock materials. They are found also in mining site were heavy minerals are found. They are still manipulated and controlled by men but they are designed to be sturdy, reliable and quality to perform such heavy jobs.

Many construction site and other businesses requires one, they are sold in the market at a high price undeniably. This is why Backhoe Store Malaysia offers businessmen the rental programs of these machineries. Fair, low and affordable price packages are offered, moreover, is that flexible payment methods are also applied in the company; thus making us very accessible and flexible rental company in Malaysia.

If you are located in one of the cities of Selangor, Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur then you are very accessible to our site-to-site delivery of your orders. This process is guaranteed safe and assured and all our equipments are also double-checked prior to its delivery schedule.

Backhoe Store Malaysia is a trusted company and rest assured that your tools or equipment of choice are quality checked and maintained all the time.